Phoenix, Arizona is known for its warm temperatures year round and it’s continually growing population and economy. With a cityscape full of businesses and entertainment venues, Phoenix has constant investigative needs that Kay and Associates Investigations fulfills.

Kay and Associates Investigations prides itself in being a main source of professionalism, confidential information, and safety and investigative services to the individuals and businesses throughout Phoenix. Whether it is someone needing proof of infidelity or a business needing help dealing with employee misconduct or fraud, we can help you.

Many “snowbirds” come from the northeastern and midwestern states to spend their winters in Arizona, which often lends itself to investigative needs. Property and real estate fraud are common, as well as financial scams and romantic cons. Of course, we handle many infidelity investigations and do surveillances where we gather photo and video evidence.

Even though our Arizona homebase office is in Phoenix, we work cases throughout the state. Scottsdale is a sexy area where we catch cheaters with their lovers at restaurants and the popular spas, resorts, and golf courses. Tuscon and Tempe are also areas where we work many cases that range from insurance fraud to real estate fraud to infidelity.

Kay and Associates Investigations works for clients to get answers in every part of Phoenix, from Apache Junction to Orpheum theatre, as our private detectives can blend into any scene or environment that the job calls for. 

Kay and Associates Investigations works downtown phoenix arizona and has an office homebase in Mesa Arizona

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We handle cases that range from individuals trying to recover stolen funds, to parents entrenched in custody battles, to Fortune 500 companies needing large-scale or in-depth investigations. Give us a call to schedule an appointment. We do not take walk-ins, meetings by appointment only. 

Whether it is a property crime or a violent crime, or a missing persons case, we have the ability to help you get answers.

Kay and Associates Investigations has offices in Phoenix Arizona and serves clients across the state and can even work cases in the Superstition Mountains

As the premier detective agency in Los Angeles, Kay and Associates Investigations has their home office in Beverly Hills, but investigators in cities across the United States and around the world.

Phoenix is an area we are well acquainted with from the inside out. From the Suspition Mountains to the nightlife hot spots, we know the layout of the land. 

K&A works with law firms on large cases, as well as individuals who simply need help getting answers to a personal issue. We find ways to get our clients the information they need in creative and at times, unconventional ways.

When the police are too busy to help find your missing child or family member we can help. When local law enforcement does not prioritize your missing jewelry, we do.

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Here are just some of the areas we serve in Southern California: