If you are a business owner or manager, we provide you with a vast amount of services geared specifically for your individual business needs. Our Security Consultation and Loss Prevention Specialists help you stop problems before they start. Kay and Associates understands that not all losses come from the outside, and sometimes those entrusted to look out for your business are only looking out for themselves. 

How K&A Specializes in Corporate and Business Investigations

 We specialize in the latest investigative techniques to protect our clients from liability stemming from various forms of employee misconduct, such as on-the-job alcohol and drug use, misuse of company vehicles and equipment, internal theft, and vendor fraud.

We protect company assets, employees and VIPs, which includes finding internal company theft and managing loss prevention. By auditing foreign assets and mergers, we stave off liability with internal investigations that protect our clients from such threats. Kay and Associates also protects company property and company secrets, as we operate under the utmost privacy.

Surveillance for Corporate and Business Investigations

Many times Small, medium or large businesses will call us because they need a survailence done on an employe or subcontractor. Sometimes these situations include following delivery drivers, while other times they are to discover weather or not, someone is fufilling their work requirements. It it not uncommon for a case to revolve around an employee who is working with a competitors business or building their own business from the current client pool.

Surveillance for Corporate and Business Investigations