Criminal defense and post conviction

If you just found out that you are being accused of a crime you did not commit, or if you are fighting a post conviction, Kay and Associates Investigations is there to help.

Experts at pursuing and developing evidence that proves innocence and finding new evidence to help overturn prior convictions. We have worked on cases as private investigators ranging from murder to art theft. There is no case too big and convoluted, or too small.

K&A works will full legal teams when needed, integrating our expertise with the top attorneys and their teams. Our detectives are experienced in jumping into the middle of cases to find the hard answers, as well as being available for expert testimony.

Mr. Kay is so well known for his abilities to find the cracks in criminal cases and post convictions, that he is a contributing writer for Pursuit Magazine. Kay even wrote an article specifically about a national case in which he helped prove one of his clients innocent that the State Attorney General’s office was prosecuting and attempting to convict.