Divorce Investigations

Divorce Investigations, Beverly Hills, Calabasas, and Southern California

Our Investigations focusing on divorce and marital issues are a large part of our investigations company in our Los Angeles offices. Divorce investigations may result from a spousal infidelity, finding hidden assets, substance abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, or a number of other unfortunate causes. Such situations must be dealt with the utmost privacy and confidentiality, and often times our investigators are working with a lawyer or complete legal team.

A divorce investigation requires that the private investigator has a solid understanding of divorce proceedings and asset search/location.

Other skills an investigator should also have include the following:

  • how to work with law enforcement
  • dealing with wealth managers and bankers
  • strong understanding of trusts
  • extensive experience in court and court proceedings
  • knowledge of the marriage and divorce laws in the state
  • ability to effectively interview witnesses
  • readily available to provide surveillances at all hours

There are many different types of situations that cause people to hire a private detective to aid in their separation or divorce proceedings. Such reasons may range from simple to complicated, such as:

  • a partner discovering hidden assets
  • habitual infidelity
  • a partner finds the other person living a double life
  • discovery of a secret 2nd cell phone
  • receiving an anonymous tip/email/letter about a partner’s lies
  • physical/emotional/verbal abuse
  • secretly putting the family into severe debt
  • the discovery of a love child
  • lack of financial responsibility
  • inner-family molestation
  • child abuse
  • mental illness

Divorce is emotionally overwhelming and difficult experience. The last thing someone needs when going through a divorce is a bad private investigator.

It cannot be stressed how important it is to hire a trustworthy, reputable, licensed professional investigator to handle your divorce investigations. Sensitive information must be gathered, organized, and securely handled for any cases of such personal and intimate nature. Choosing a PI (aka private detective) that has a solid online presence and real customer reviews should be on the top of your list when deciding on your investigator.

How Can a Private Investigator Help in Your Divorce Case?

We act on the client’s behalf. We collect important information that can build a solid, fact-based case for our client. We gather intel and record behavior that is used by client’s lawyers and legal teams for their divorce proceedings. For example, if the spouse in question is claiming that they do not work, but we do a surveillance and find them doing jobs and getting paid “under the table” then we provide this evidence to our client’s attorney. Sometimes a spouse will hide assets or transfer them to a family member’s name while still maintaining control of the assets, we provide this trail of proof.

Best Divorce Investigations in Los Angeles, California

At Kay and Associates Investigations, our highly trained PI’s are able to successfully gather pertinent information without “getting burned” (referring to being discovered as an investigator by the opposing party / person being followed). Our team understands the need for privacy and valued intel; we also understand the human side of things. We understand the myriad of emotions and mental strain for the clients involved in these types of situations. Each case is treated with the utmost care and discretion from start to finish—and after it is finished. What happens at Kay and Associates Investigations, stays in our investgations company. We keep your information and case private.

Divorce can get mean, and it can get nasty. Whether it was events that led to a divorce in the first place, or whether it was the events that began happening once divorce proceedings started, things can quickly escalate during “uncoupling.” This means that your private investigator should have the know-how and ability to calm situations while gathering evidence of wrong-doings or inappropriate behavior. A good private investigator knows the law and how to engage with the opposing party without stepping over legal lines. At K&A we define your objectives, which may change as the case progresses, and we align our investigations accordingly. 

Investigations for divorce matters are not always about cheating or infidelity; that is only a portion of the reasons for divorce investigations. Divorce investigations revolve such issues as child custody, child endangerment, drug abuse, physical / mental / emotional abuse, domestic violence, addictions, gambling, deceit, and mental illness. In each of these situations a private detective agency may be of great help in a divorce case. When a client has an attorney, we work with that attorney to figure out the best course of action and what specific investigations services will help strengthen their case and what information will be needed for discovery.

Even if your divorce case is taking place in one city, while you live in another city, we can help. Needing national or international investigation services? We can cover that, too. As an investigations firm with global capabilities and a proven track record to back that up, Kay and Associates Investigations is who you want on your side. 

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What makes Kay & Associates Investigations stand out from other divorce investigation companies is a long-standing reputation as divorce investigation specialists and the most extensive divorce and relationship investigations service provider in southern California. When a client has to go to court for a divorce (and/or child custody) case, it is of the utmost importance to have complete and documented evidence, clear proof, and professionally produced documentation. Even for people who choose to forgo an attorney for their proceedings (depending on how amicable and simple the terms are), they often still employ the services of a private investigator to gather pertinent and useful information for their side of the story.