We provide numerous in-depth services:


  • 24/7 Surveillance
  • Female and male detectives for undercover investigations
  • International capabilities: we have investigative assets and experienced detectives in nearly every part of the world
  • Electronic and physical surveillance
How does a surveillance work?
  • In Depth Consultation: The first thing we do is meet with the client, go through the situation in detail, and go over exactly what information they want to gather. We take all the details, including photographs of the person of interest, etc. We then set a goal and decide how to approach it within the client’s budget, We create a plan to get answers! After we fully understand your needs, you will meet with the private investigator who will handle your case step-by-step.
  • Case Updates and Final Report: Throughout the process we are in contact with our clients, updating them and re-adjusting the plan as it is needed. Things change at the drop of a hat, so flexibility and creativity are a place we shine bright. Also, we can provide a full report upon request at the end of the investigation.
  • Presentation of Evidence: We provide all info to the client, and all info is destroyed upon termination of the case. Info storage options are available to our clients as well.

We have conducted investigations in the following countries: Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Guayana, Brazil, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Honduras, Sierra Leone, Kosovo, Serbia, China, Singapore, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Morocco, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, France, Turkey, Kuwait, Austria, New Zealand, Brunei, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Egypt, Israel, Laos, Cambodia, Gabon, Syria, Dubai (UAE), United Kingdom.