Have you been the victim of fraud? Do you have reason to believe that something shady is going on with your company’s finances?

Financial fraud happens daily and it is devastating to individuals as much as businesses. At K & A Investigations, we provide thorough financial expertise designed to provide you with the answers you need to take action and move forward. We have private investigators that specialize in financial issues and fraud. Whether you are looking to delve into an accounting mishap or a small business owner worried about embezzlement, we are at your service.

    Common Types of Financial Fraud:

    • Embezzlement (also known as Larceny): Illegal use of funds by the person that controls those funds
      • May be done by anyone from a Bookkeeper to the Office Manager to a CEO
      • This happens most frequently in small businesses
    • Internal Theft: Employees stealing company assets
      • Can be as minor as office supplies, or as extensive as heavy machinery parts
    • Payoffs and Kickbacks: Employees accepting special benefits or cash in exchange for business
      • May be in the form of vacation, major sports game tickets, or a wild night out at the strip club
    • Skimming: Employees taking money from receipts while purposefully neglecting to record the revenue
      • A Little bit per transaction skimmed over the period of a long time adds up to a lot of money

    How Kay and Associates Helps You Identify and Curtail Financial Fraud




    Our financial investigation services are all about getting to the bottom of your financial quandary. When you come to us, you can rest assured that we’ll take a detailed yet cautious approach to our investigation. We understand the sensitive nature of your situation, and we will approach it with the discretion that you need and deserve.

    Sometimes our clients need to find out who was skimming money, and we track down the location of the culprit. In other cases, a client simply wants to begin to unwind their ruined credit and build their lives back; we check more than Credit Karma. Our investigators have the ability to run searches nation-wide that show anywhere someone’s personal identity information or social security has been used.

    Whatever your need or concern, we have the top talent in the investigations world to help you get your life and money back on track.