As a parent, you want to make sure that your child is being taken care of properly. But sometimes it can be difficult to gauge how your child is faring when they are not always under your roof. Whether you’re going through a divorce, or are already involved in a child custody dispute, our compassionate, dedicated team is on hand to serve you. We offer thorough, dependable child custody investigations designed to give you the answers and peace of mind you need and deserve.

Our team of private investigators understand the delicate situation and special needs of clients entrenched in custody battles. Many of our team are parents also, and the service is close to our hearts.

We help guide you, even down to the details of how to properly conduct yourself on social media while going through a custody battle.

— Andy Kay,
Owner of K&A

What can you do for me as a parent in the middle of a custody case?

This is a very big question with so many ways to answer it. We do custody cases daily, as they are a major issue for so many of our clients in Los Angeles, and across the United States. We often do work in other states for clients in the middle of custody battles, because even if one parent moves to a different state with the child, but the original court case was out of Los Angeles, the court case will continue to be held in the original court in Los Angeles. This means that we handle the parts of the investigation that happen in Los Angeles while our client still continues their life in the other state.

A lot of our clients are either fighting for their rights as parents, fighting to see their children, or needing to get child support from a parent who is lying about their income. We also get hired to prove one parent is unfit or completely ignoring the child’s wellbeing. Unfortunately, we find ourselves in the middle of cases where one parent has an undiagnosed mental illness or where the parent is not taking their prescribed medication for a mental illness, and we must show proof of the crazy behavior that is often hidden behind the closed doors of a home

We get involved in a so many convoluted cases that are hard to prove or capture on camera because lawyers don’t have the abilities that we do to investigate. A lawyer’s job is to represent a client and work for them in court and in front of a judge. A lot of people mistakenly think that an attorney does all the background searches (sometimes they do their own background searches, but they are not the same as ours) but the truth is, many attorneys hire us to do the investigation, so that they can take that information and build their case with it. The clients that have the most success in court are usually the ones that have a lawyer as well as a good private investigator. As messed up this may sound (because it’s not cheap to hire both), it’s how the court systems have evolved and the truth is often something you have to pay for in order to “prove it.”


K&A Helps Families in Child Custody Cases

  • Prove bad parenting
  • Show unsafe guardian behavior
  • Get proof of child neglect
  • Show proof of an abusive parent
  • Find out who is spending time with children
  • Do surveillance on custodia parents
  • Get evidence of mentally ill behavior of family member around children
  • Get evidence of parent lying to court

At Kay and Associates Investigations, we understand that matters relating to child custody are both sensitive and emotional. We also know that a lot is riding on the information we are able to gather and provide. After all, nothing is more important than your child’s safety and well-being, and to that end, we work tirelessly to get you the answers you are after to take the appropriate next steps. Don’t spend days and nights worrying about your child. Get the information you need to pursue your child custody matter with our in-depth investigation services.