Background Searches

In-depth background searches:

  • Solid results with a fast turn-around
  • Criminal, Domestic, Evictions, Divorce, Fraud, Assets, Credit, Judgements, Vehicle Liens, Defaults, etc.
  • International capabilities with investigative techniques and experienced detectives in nearly every part of the world
  • We find professional licenses, businesses, corporations, etc.

Don’t be fooled by the cheap or free online background searches. The information found there is not only inaccurate most of the time, but is often outdated and misleading. We have powerful databases and specialized investigators to get you real, relevant, and current answers. Kay and Associates has the ability to do state-wide, national, and international (depending on the country and investigatory goal) background searches.

How do background searches work?

Reasons for Background Checks:

There are many reasons for requesting background checks. It may be for a variety of needs…   

  • Employment, in order to show identity verification
  • Credit History, including Trade Lines and Bankruptcies
  • Driving History
  • Criminal Records, including current pending charges and Misdemeanors
  • Education confirmation
  • Find Alternate Social Security Numbers that someone may be illegally using
  • Identification Fraud
  • Brokerage Accounts
  • Divorce and Marriage Records
  • Evictions

In-depth Results: Our focus is on data quality. We don’t simply do address searches. We work with all of the information that the client has on hand, and find other possible routes of gathering further information that may be useful to our client. Of course, sometimes clients just want to find out to owns a specific property, so we simply run that info for them.

Other times, we are retained by law firms to handle all of their investigation and background search for cases. Pre-employment screening, high volume discounts, SSN tracing, are offered. We can  watch lists are all services that we can. We can provide a full report upon request at the end of the investigation.

Detailed Evidence & Presentation:

Data findings may include many aspects of research. The first thing we do is to go over the findings with the client, going through the situation in detail. We consider the details, and depending on the findings, offer our client further options to obtain even more information. We then set a goal and decide how to approach it within the client’s budget.

We create a plan to get answers! After we fully understand your needs, the assigned private investigator who handles your case step-by-step will continually update you throughout the investigation. We provide all info to the client, and all info is destroyed upon termination of the case. Info storage options are available to our clients as well.

How We Are Different From Online Background Search Companies

Many people who wish to do a background search, look online and see companies that offer free or cheap information that has been complied by basic public records listed online. We focus on high quality data. Just because it says that a person with the same name that you are searching for lives at a specific address, that does not mean it is true! There are loads of unchecked, wrong information that is posted online that is not reputable.

We know how to find someone’s true identity. By using verified databases and trustworthy information that require a license to access, we cross-reference that information, double-check, and verify information we find through other sources. This ensures the information we provide our clients is accurate, factual, and up-to-date. The majority of the information we find and provide is not available on free or public online sites.

Background Searches for Businesses

Why would a business hire us to do background searches for them? There are a number of reasons, for small businesses to large corporations.
      • If you are a contractor, you don’t want to sign a contract with a client who has sued the past three contractors he has worked with.
      • You don’t want to hire employees who have been arrested for stealing from their employers.
      • You don’t want to hire a driver who has been arrested for previous DUI’s.
      • You don’t want to hire an accountant that has a history of embezzlement.
      • You don’t want to hire vendors who have a history of litigation.
The list goes on and on and on… In today’s world, every person your business interacts with should be vetted. The stakes could never be higher. Don’t play Russian Roulette with your business.

Then only way to avoid these situations is by hiring us, who are a professional agency, that perform in-depth, cross-referenced background searches using more resources and sources than all of our competitors. 

We have conducted investigations in the following countries: Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Guayana, Brazil, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Honduras, Sierra Leone, Kosovo, Serbia, China, Singapore, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Morocco, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, France, Turkey, Kuwait, Austria, New Zealand, Brunei, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Egypt, Israel, Laos, Cambodia, Gabon, Syria, Dubai (UAE), United Kingdom.