Open Source Intelligence & Social Media Investigations

Social media is a form of Open-Source Intelligence and is quickly becoming a rich source of evidence across a wide variety of legal matters. Social media posts, interactions, and location information can offer a much deeper look into facts and new daily evidence that may be used for leverage in court and legal matters.

Social media investigations have steadily grown in popularity as more and more criminal cases, lawsuits, and government inquiries are needing to build out cases via information gleaned through social media platforms.

Investigating social media accounts and social media activity can greatly speed up a case, identifying crucial evidence that would otherwise not be found using traditional investigative methods.


Social Media Investigations are a major aid and provide support for disproving fraudulent Insurance Claims.

Background Checks are stronger with Social Media Investigations.

Walking into a court with a complete set of evidence increases your chances for success. Until recently, social media has been overlooked for the value that it adds to criminal and civil cases, data that can change the outcome of the case, for worker’s comp claims as much as family custody cases.  

However, a social media search done by an amateur as opposed to a certified, licensed professional investigator that specializes in intelligence are looked at completely different in a court of law. There are very specific protocols and methods that must be adhered to when gathering digital evidence and especially when analyzing the captured data and artifacts that are usable in court as evidence. For example, did you know that Facebook strips all uploaded photos of metadata? The exif data contained in photos often contains GPS information on where the photo was taken, but if the photo was uploaded to Facebook don’t count on finding that evidence!

Why clients choose Kay and Associates Investigations for Social Media Investigations in legal matters:


  • K&A Investigators are licensed professionals and digital forensic experts
  • K&A Investigations are experienced data recovery specialists with the credentials to prove it! 
  • K&A has court certified Expert Witnesses
  • All evidence is processed for ease of use by attorneys and law enforcement
  • Data and digital artifacts can be loaded onto platforms for litigation review, such as Relativity and Reveal
  • Evidence is professionally handled and documented, maintaining the chain-of-custody 
  • K&A offers continuous social media monitoring to capture photo and video evidence and document behavior
  • K&A Investigations can collect evidence from multiple social media accounts simultaneously to report on user behavior 
  • Monitor social media activity and preserve for legal cases 
  •  Validation of surveillance, background checks, and online interactions

Kay and Associates continue to lead the American investigative industry 

in social media investigations 

Social media investigations are used for a large range and variety of needs and cases. We are hired for social media investigations for many reasons…

  • Revenge porn cases
  • Insurance claims AOE/COE
  • Cheating partners/spouses
  • Potential employee hires (signed release required) 
  • Plaintiff/defendant fact checking
  • Child custody battles
  • Fathers that skip out on child support
  • Sexual harassment
  • Restraining orders
  • Character defamation
  • and more… 

How HR Is Using Social Media Investigations

At reputable companies, each time a new candidate is being considered for a position with a company, backgrounds are required for the potential new employee. However, often there is a large amount of information that is being overlooked, such as that found on social media.


One-Time Investigation or Continued Monitoring

Kay and Associates Investigations captures and records all vital information and data, such as photos, comments, posts, captions, location data, and all other important pieces of meta data. This can be done during a given time period or continuous monitoring over an extended period of time.


K&A Investigations work from a case-centered mindset with years of experience that have helped to create the best social media investigations services available.


-Andy Kay