Kay and Associates accident investigation team includes retired California highway patrol accident investigation specialists, as well as insurance investigators and other private detectives with decades of experience.

In the case of an accident investigation, we have the ability to remove the onboard computer from a car and can find out exactly how fast it was going, how hard it had to break in order to stop, if the vehicle tires locked up, and if the steering wheel was jerked suddenly.

A good private investigator can put all the pieces together into a report for insurance purposes as well as lawsuits.

We take the rounded approach to accident investigation. This means we don’t stop at the obvious or first answer that appears to be right. A variety of techniques are put into the equation of finding the root of the problem…

  • Identify flaws that led to the accident
  • Consider all outside factor possibilities
  • Employ cutting edge technology to find facts
  • Perform a thorough analysis with multiple specialists
  • Explore all parties involved
  • Prepare for possible litigation
  • Create full scope reports on findings

Accident Investigation is a technical process of analyzing information; it is a scientific and academic analysis of gathered data and facts. It is not a guessing game for us at Kay & Associates and we make sure that you get the most accurate answers that are founded in real science.

“There is no shortage of accident investigations in a city like Los Angeles. We understand the mechanics and science of it all.”

– Andy Kay