Most businesses don’t think about us until they really need us. We are not something people often put into their quarterly budget or into their business plan. But inevitably, any business that has employees and is around for a few years, ends up calling us for help.

Business Surveillance Investigation Services

We have the necessary experience and equipment. Our team are experts in what they do. From our investigators in the field doing surveillances, to our forensic accounting specialists, we have the full team needed for large corporate investigations. 

We have top of the line technology and equipment, and have communication streams set up with clients to make sharing information and updates fast and clear. We can provide clear evidence that is proven; evidence we gather is often the ammunition in a corporate lawsuit. 

“We watch business locations and business employees; this is actually one of the biggest uses of surveillance in corporate investigations.”

-Andy Kay

It is important to blend in and remain discreet throughout the duration of a surveillance. Whether it is a one-day surveillance or whether it is a year long surveillance, we know how to change up and stay inconspicuous. We also know how to gather relevant information and use that to guide the furthering of the investigation. 


Some of the reasons we get hired by corporations are…

  • Corporate Fraud: We can verify a business’ legitimacy.

  • False Workers Comp Claims: We verify injuries or that a person is/is not working while continuing to collect money from another company.

  • Employee/Corporate Theft: We may be contracted to watch a delivery driver to make sure all of the product is making it to delivery locations. 

  • Undercover Internal Investigations: When internal employee theft, fraud, or misconduct is suspected we will often combine undercover agents with surveillance services.

Although these are all ways that surveillance can help corporations, we have a large array of other business services that may be combined into investigations. Such specialized services include in-depth background checks, polygraph examinations, asset search, asset location, witness interviews, data recovery, social media and online investigations, asset verification, digital forensics, litigation support, and forensic accounting.

We help prevent loss, stop current loss, and protect against unscrupulous employees. As the corporate business investigations firm that is the go-to for so many large and Fortune 500 Companies, Kay and Associates Investigations has been licensed for over 30 years and counting.

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