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Wether we are doing a surveillance downtown Newport, meeting with legal teams at their office in Irvine, or catching a cheating spouse in Laguna, Kay and Associates Investigations are the investigative experts to trust for your investigation needs. There’s more to Anaheim than Disneyland, and we work the area as investigators without getting our cover blown.
We handle cases that range from individuals trying to recover stolen funds, to parents entrenched in custody battles, to Fortune 500 companies needing large-scale or in-depth investigations. Give us a call to schedule an appointment. We do not take walk-ins, meetings by appointment only. 
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As the premier detective agency in Los Angeles, Kay and Associates Investigations has their home office in Beverly Hills, but investigators in cities across the United States and around the world. Orange County is an area we are well acquainted with from the inside out. From Balboa Pier to the restaurants in Costa Mesa, we know the layout of the land.  Our investigators have worked cases everywhere from Newport Beach Pier to the bars in Huntington Beach. Our professional teams blend into the community and scene while gathering crucial evidence that our clients need. K&A often works with law firms on large cases, and just as often work with individuals who simply need help getting answers to a personal issue. We find ways to get our clients the information they need in creative ways, and at times, unconventional ways. When the police are too busy to help find your missing child or family member we can help. When local law enforcement does not prioritize your missing jewelry, we do. When someone suspects their partner of infidelity, we find out if someone is cheating and if so, who it is. If you are looking for investigative experts for a case in Orange County, Kay and Associates Investigations are the go-to team to call.

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