Our main office location, right off Rodeo Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills, is central to many of our SoCal clients. Right off Beverly and Wilshire, our office is within 30 minutes drive from Downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Venice Beach. Basically, we make ourselves as accessable to our LA clients as possible.

We handle cases that range from individuals trying to recover stolen funds, to parents entrenched in custody battles, to Fortune 500 companies needing large-scale or in-depth investigations.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment. We do not take walk-ins, meetings by appointment only. Parking at our Beverly Hills location is available at a nearby garage. Upon your appointment scheduling, we will guide you on that fast and easy way to park near  our office.

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As the premier detective agency in Los Angeles, Kay and Associates Investigations has their home office in Beverly Hills.

K&A works with law firms on large cases, as well as individuals who simply need help getting answers to a personal issue. We find ways to get our clients the information they need in creative and at times, unconvential ways. 

When the police are too busy to help find your missing child or family memeber we can help. When local law enforcement does not prioritize your missing jewelry, we do. 

We have “ins” with many top Beverly Hills hotels, restaurants, and bars/lounges. This means that our investigation will go much smoother and have a lot more success than private investigators that aren’t already integrated into the scene.

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Here are just some of the areas we serve in Southern California: