Burbank is the heart of the movie industry. From Warner Bros to Disney, many of the major studios are in this area and choose Kay and Associates Investigations to handle their most confidential and most pressing issues.
Whether it be for intelligence gathering, infidelity cases, surveillance or any of our other investigative services, K&A has been helping clients in Burbank since 1992.  Burbank and its surrounding areas of Glendale, North Hollywood, and Studio City know our investigators as the best in the business.  We handle cases that range from individuals trying to recover stolen funds, to parents entrenched in custody battles, to Fortune 500 companies needing large-scale or in-depth investigations. Give us a call to schedule an appointment. We do not take walk-ins, meetings by appointment only. Parking at our Beverly Hills location is available at a nearby garage. Upon your appointment scheduling, we will guide you on that fast and easy way to park near  our office.

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We are very familiar with the area and all of the wonderful businesses. Burbank happens to be conveniently located right between our main office location in Beverly Hills and our Calabasas location. If you are an individual, small business or large business, we can help you. We are well acquainted with the local scene and back streets which means our private detectives will be able to work your case with professionalism and ease.

Andy Kay

K&A works with law firms on large cases, as well as individuals who simply need help getting answers to a personal issue. We find ways to get our clients the information they need in creative and at times, unconventional ways. 

When the police are too busy to help find your missing child or family member we can help. When local law enforcement does not prioritize your missing jewelry, we do. 

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