Recently we were hired by a mother with a troubled teenage boy.   He was a good student but has recently began associated with the wrong crowd. Lately he has been lying about his whereabouts, telling his mother he was at a friend’s down the street when he was not.

A forensic examination was performed on the teen’s computer. We found evidence of him using a phony Discord profile, portraying himself as a 25-year old man, complete with a full beard. He was planning meetups with strangers…

We also found evidence of drug abuse, pornography, and of most concern to our client – a newly installed application that can be used for spoofing your GPS location.

The application is called “iMyFone AnyTo” and it can be used to spoof your GPS information (lie about your current location by providing phony information). You have to respect teenagers, they are quite industrious when motivated!

He wanted to hang out with his friends in defiance of his mother, and found a solution!

“iMyFone AnyTo” is not the only GPS spoofing application. The technology is not new, in fact it is often used during extra marital affairs, frequenty.  

At Kay and Associates, we can assist you in identifying such applications.

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