Handling missing persons cases are not all the same. Different techniques and approaches must be taken, depending on the specific situation. When it comes to missing persons, there are many different types of missing persons cases that we get in our office.

One very specific type of missing persons case is missing persons who have mental illnesses. They may be suffering from psychological issues that are not properly being treated by medications.

Sometimes people feel great so they stop taking the medication and fall back into a very bad situation. Other times, people who suffer from such things as schizophrenia are able to manage their illness just enough so that they are able to escape from safe places and appear in control of their situation, yes all the while they are spiraling into a state of confusion that leads them into very dangerous places and people.

This is where we come in.

When families contact us and ask us to help locate their friends, family members, or loved ones who are not taking their medication and have gone missing, we know what to do. We do not just contact hospitals, emergency rooms, and other possible locations. We may also go into homeless encampments, and connect with our contacts who are immersed in the homeless population in the area. We may employ social media advertisements and reach out via Instagram and Facebook with the missing persons information among many other investigative techniques we may deploy depending on the specific case. 

Whether it is a teenager, young adult, or elderly person, we know how to find missing persons and have an incredible success rate. We help reunite missing persons with their families, and we also help get the missing persons into a safe haven or professional facility that will enable them to get back on the right track. We also fly missing persons back to their families, wherever that may be in the world, and accompany them on their journey to make sure that everything goes smoothly and the family is reunited. There are no lengths we will not go to in order to get our clients results and connected with their loved ones again.

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