There have always been scammers, since society has been around and cities have always been hotbeds for scammers. Scammers trying to scam innocent people out of money and expensive property has simply changed and evolved over the years. In the 80s and 90s a big scam was to send letters via snail mail asking residents to help and send money to save someone in a foreign country. It was also really popular during this time for scammer’s to get people’s personal information by telling them they were the big winner of thousands of dollars of unclaimed money, so all they had to do to claim the money was to “provide their information in order to receive the prize” they won. As years went by and technology grew, so did the scams. Scammers had to adapt and become more creative, changing their approach. 

How Scams Have Evolved into 2022

Nowadays we see people being catfished to be in a relationship (often started through dating apps or via direct messages on a social media account), after which they are asked by the scammer to send money they need to help them; these predators who fool people into thinking they are lovers often claim to need money held and then sent back. It all seems so innocuous to the people believing they are in a loving relationship with this person they don’t really know…it seems natural to for the innocent person to think they are simply helping someone out who needs it, and they believe they are helping someone who cares about them and who is a good person. The reality is, these types of scammers who catfish are the worst kinds of humans who live off other people’s hard work and money, and who are low enough to fool someone into thinking they love them. 

Some other really popular scams at the moment include…

      • There are “IRS scams” who are run by people who call and tell you that if you pay a large sum of money right now, then they won’t send you to jail. 
      • iPhone/iCloud scams where they have you call in and authorize them to take over your screen or log in information to try and help with the “hacker” when they then get all your information and take over your account. 
      • Scammers may send links via text or email now for Amazon error or even Zelle asking you to fix something until then your account is suspended, but once you click the link they ask for logins and other personal information.

How Kay and Associates Investigations Fights Back Against Scammers?

This is where Private Investigators can help. We can dig into backgrounds on people to be sure the person you are interacting with is who they say they are and have no criminal history. Sometimes online investigational work will be beneficial to know if they are, who they claim to be, or if they’re using someone else’s pictures, name, info, etc. We have even used catfish accounts to see if they are trying to scam others. Depending on the case, we have even been able to locate who sent the fake emails, links, and texts. These are all things we offer at Kay and Associates Investigations to help clients find the truth and steps to help get their money back.

How To Be Aware

You always need to be aware and look at details. Most companies you can email or call to be sure they really are who they claim to be. In the scam emails/texts, you may notice the logo looks a little different then the normal company logo or that the font/text is off. With people it may be harder to figure out because the scammer may be who they say they are but they’re using you to get money (like the Tinder Swindler). On the other hand, the person you are corresponding with may not be who they claim to be. If you are ever questioning or getting red flags or realize you are being scammed, call Kay and Associates we may be able to get you the answers you need. 

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