Investments go bad, and sometimes the person who convinced you to invest in the first place ran off with your money in pocket. This isn’t something that happens to “stupid people.” It happens to very smart and successful people every single day.

Someone stole a lot of money from me and we think they have money or assets that we can collect on. How do we do that?

The easiest thing for us to do is to look for bank accounts and corresponding records. Often, we are able to get bank account information like the amount of money in the bank account as well as the branch location.

Next we look for real property. Using different information databases and resources, we can find property they own, business they have vested interest in, vehicles they may own, etc. We also search for brokerage accounts. If the person has stocks, bonds, and other tradable commodities. We may look for business ownership, membership in corporations, things of that sort. It all really depends on the situation and the goal of the client. Quite often database searches reveal a great amount of useful information or at least a good starting point.  

Other than deep research, what can you do to help me find their assets?

We do surveillance work to find other jobs the subject may be working, banks they may be doing business at, businesses they may have on the side, other cars, boats, planes… a lot of surveillance can add up to a lot of dollars, but for certain situations, it is worth it for whoever is searching. The best results are usually good old fashioned in the field investigations. surveillance and interviews.

Always make sure your Judgements are enforceable and current. Yes, judgements can expire. Make sure your attorney has gotten you the proper enforcement documents, writs of execution, garnishments, writs of possession etc. The first question I always ask potential clients who call me to inquire about these services, is to make sure the judgements are enforceable and current. Otherwise, they are just wasting money, and the last thing I ever want my clients to do is to waste a dollar.

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