What to Look For in a Private Investigator

Like in every other profession, there are qualities that a private investigator must possess to be able to perform the tasks that are required to be able to obtain a client’s desired outcome.

In this article, you will learn what to look for in a private investigator. The following is a list of qualities that lead to great results when it comes to being a private investigator:

  • Problem-solving

This is a great quality for any private investigator. They must be able to solve the cases the clients bring to them without any issues. 

  • Ethics

A private investigator must be able to get results, while staying within the confines of the law. For cases that include surveillance this means the investigator must not invade personal privacy laws to get the information they need.

  • Humility

In every case, a private investigator is a blank page trying to know everything they need to know about the case without jumping into conclusions because of prior experience.

computer and hands
  • Connections 

Having the right connections can give a private investigator the ability to assist the client in case in a unique way. Having the right connections can help a private investigator uncover evidence that they might not have otherwise.

  • Courage

The ability to take a case and charge towards the very end no matter the obstacles is very important, as it shows the private investigator is able to do all that is required to solve the issue.

  • Wisdom

Experience is key when it comes to private investigations. Having the necessary experience means that a private investigator won’t be tricked or stumped, and will have the best chance at getting favorable results for the client. 

  • Leadership

Being in front and on top of things should be a necessary characteristic for any private investigator. They are individuals who need to get all the necessary information from a case without hesitation.

  • Control 

With all the emotions that come with private investigation cases, a private investigator is supposed to be able to have control over his or her emotions in order to stay level headed and progress in the case properly.

  • Attention to Detail

Not all information a private investigator finds is important or significant. However, sometimes a good eye to detail is required, as important info might not be readily apparent at first.

  • Confidentiality

A private investigator must be able to work in complete secrecy. PI cases are private to the client, and a private investigator must respect this. The investigator must be discrete if necessary. Failing to uphold confidentiality in a case can lead to some severe consequences.


The private investigator has an important job, therefore when hiring a PI professional, make sure that it is a talented individual who displays all of these qualities. When it comes to being a great private investigator, one must always be learning and adapting with new technologies, and current trends in the world.