What Makes a Good Private Investigator?

A private investigator is a person who is not a member of the police force but is licensed to carry out investigations on behalf of their clients. Private investigators come in handy in delivering services such as performing background checks on people, finding a lost loved one, conducting surveillance, and gathering evidence to present in court or to a client. Becoming a private investigator is a great career choice if you have the necessary skillset.

Would you consider a career as a private investigator? Would you like to know what a private detective requires to be good at their job? This article gives a detailed explanation of the skillset of what makes a good private investigator.

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Communication Skills

To gather information, a private investigator needs to communicate clearly while carrying out interviews with their sources. They also need to relay the information gathered with clarity to their clients and ensure the information is truthful. In addition, a good private investigator should be someone that is easy to talk to and find a rapport with their interviewees.

Surveillance Skills

When investigating a case, an investigator may require different types of surveillance skills to do so. They need to be aware of what they are on the lookout for. They may need to know how to stealthily follow a person without them becoming aware that they are being followed. They also need to be skilled in using surveillance tools. Some require knowing complex computer surveillance skills if the case they are investigating digitally.

Analytical and Reasoning Skills

A private investigator needs to apply the right logical skills to differentiate between what is right or wrong. They need to be analytical to discern a dubious or misleading situation.

Honesty and Dependability

For the sake of their clients, investigators need to be professional and discreet to keep private information confidential. A client also needs to be assured that the investigator will keep any information they acquire during the investigation, between the two of them without involving any third parties.

Research Skills

Investigators must perform background checks on their information sources to verify the credibility of their information. Moreover, while working for corporations, they need to look keenly at the organization’s documents, policies, and activities to conduct relevant research. They need to be knowledgeable of tools that they will use to conduct their research.

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

A good private investigator possesses excellent critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills. While investigating a case, a good investigator requires these skills to piece the evidence together, and determine what really happened. Critical thinking skills help an investigator question the obvious conclusion and analyze the evidence objectively.


Finally, a good private investigator is filled with determination. Quite often, an investigator faces challenges in the course of their work. However, despite the problems, a good investigator refuses to give in to a challenge. They work with dedication until they can complete the investigation.

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