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A private investigator or private detective is a person who is hired to perform investigative services for an individual or group of people. Private investigators work on a number of different case specialties that can range from traditional background checks to surveillance. Even in Los Angeles, investigative services can be found along any Blvd.

How to Become a Licensed Private Investigator

To become a Los Angeles private investigator, there are seven steps that you must complete. California has one of the most straightforward licensing programs for becoming an investigator. The process is simple regarding the requirements, exams, applications, and fees for the classification.


To become a Los Angeles private investigator, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Not have committed specific crimes or acts
  • Meet education or experience requirements
  • Pass the California Private Investigator License Exam
  • Apply for a California Private Investigator License
  • Pay a variety of fees
  • Take advantage of veteran benefits if applicable


In California, veterans have priority when getting licensing. The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) has a program called “Veterans Come First.” Veterans also receive priority in the licensing process. The BSIS will review each DD214, training, and experience while expediting the licensing request.


Other states have different requirements for their private investigation professionals. You may find that your licensed private investigator carries licensing from other states, not just from California. If your private investigator has more than just a California license, then it means that they have taken the testing and been certified in the additional state.


What Services Do Investigators Offer?

Private investigators offer a lot of different specialties in the investigative field. Some investigators offer more than one kind of specialty, making them a one-stop-shop for your needs. You can find services such as:


  • Background Checks – these examine a person’s professional and personal history
  • Civil – these investigations are used to gather evidence for trials and may include cases involving surveillance, asset searches, worker’s compensation, missing persons, and more
  • Surveillance – these investigations are used for gathering information in missing person cases, infidelity, and more
  • Insurance – investigators working on these types of cases gather information for insurance companies looking to prove fraud
  • Fraud – defined as misrepresentation with the intent to deceive and may include companies, individuals, or others misrepresenting who they are
  • Corporate – often used to investigate the legitimacy of a business, a partner, or look into loss or theft
  • Accident Reconstruction – accident reconstructions are used to establish or reduce liability in an accident case or insurance claim
  • Domestic – this specialty spans multiple categories of investigation, including surveillance, security, background, and more, and is used in family cases
  • Infidelity and Cheating Spouse – provide evidence to confirm suspicions of a cheating spouse or if the case is unfounded


These are not all of the specialties that you may find when you enter the office of LA’s finest private investigators. Many of these investigators have primary, secondary, tertiary, or more types of specialties when it comes to handling private investigation cases.


Why People Have Investigations Conducted in the US

los angeles detective workClients who take on the services of a private investigator often do so because there is something they are trying to find or trust within their lives. Some of the most common cases taken by private investigators in the Los Angeles area are for background checks, surveillance, missing persons, child custody cases, and criminal investigations.


Los Angeles Background Checks

Background checks are an essential part of due diligence in today’s society. These are often completed when someone is hired for a new job, wants to rent a new place to live, is entering a new partnership, and more. Most of the information compiled is available to the public, but private investigators have more avenues of obtaining information.


Surveillance Operations in LA

Clients who are suspicious of another individual in their life may call upon an LA private investigator to provide them with comprehensive and discreet surveillance of the person in question. Experts in this field can collect the necessary evidence and may be required to testify in court on behalf of the client they compiled the evidence for. Most of the best private investigators who handle surveillance operations in Los Angeles use the newest technologies.


Locating Missing Persons in the US

In some situations, local and national law enforcement departments often lack the time and resources that a missing person’s case can require. Private investigators are often hired to follow up on leads, conduct witness interviews, and try to bring a resolution to the case. Most private investigators have the skills to uncover answers even when someone is trying to cover their own tracks with misleading information.


LA Child Custody Cases

Circumstances that revolve around a child custody case are some of the most difficult cases for the legal system. Many of these cases end up in situations of a “he said/she said” circumstance. A seasoned private investigator is often brought in to help collect evidence that can make all the difference in the case.


Criminal Investigations Los Angeles

When dealing with the legal system, you might easily see how the deck is stacked in favor of the state. Clients may bring on the expertise of a private investigator to help examine the facts of the case and do any additional legwork that needs to be done in their favor. The skills they have can help to provide the best defense possible.


Why You Need an LA Private Investigator

Clients in Los Angeles are likely to hire a private investigator when circumstances arise that they need additional help, either solving or compiling evidence for a case. Licensed private investigators in LA have the expertise and the skill to find the answers you require to solve or win a case. These investigators make sure to stay within the local, state, and federal regulations to ensure that legal complications or other violations of the law do not occur. They work diligently to help bring justice to their clients.


There are some circumstances where additional evidence is required to strengthen a client’s case. When this happens, a private investigator is hired because of their experience in these types of cases. Many investigators will become licensed in multiple states so that their services can cross state lines, especially when the case involves additional states.


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