Hire a Private Investigator LA

Los Angeles is best known for its climate, ethnic diversity, and the Hollywood entertainment industry. Found in the heart of Los Angeles County, the city has everything that you could need, including premier private investigators solving cases daily.

A private investigator is an independent civilian that is hired by individuals or organizations who are dealing with civil or criminal matters that require the services provided by these licensed individuals. The services that many of these investigators provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Surveillance
  • Interviews
  • Research to provide evidence for legal, business, or criminal investigations
  • Evidentiary documentation

LA’s finest use the talents that they have to gather and analyze information, often performing undercover when it is necessary. Being a great private detective requires having a keen eye, an analytical mindset, and excellent observation skills. These qualities make hiring a private investigator in Los Angeles the obvious choice when you need information.

What Does a Private Investigator in LA Do?

hire private investigators los angelesJust because Los Angeles is the home of movie stars doesn’t mean that everything is cinematic. Even though private investigators handle surveillance and other types of tasks like you see in the movies, it doesn’t mean that it is the same. There likely will be no montage of action sequences or close calls – most just do their job and report back. There won’t be any of the breaking into homes or other illegal acts because these are professionals who are licensed by the state of California.

So what do these professionals do each day if not solving the world’s impossible mysteries?

  • Surveillance tasks – such as going undercover or watching the movements of a suspect of an investigation and documenting where they go and who they talk to
  • Reports – while not the most luxurious part of the job, private investigators compile everything that they find into reports for their clients
  • Background checks – many different types of clients use background checks to help them find out information about a potential employee, a property resident, or a love interest
  • Interviewing – in some cases, witnesses may be overlooked or don’t tell the whole truth, so a private investigator may reinterview or find a new witness to help with a client
  • Gather evidence – if there is evidence missing from a client’s case, a private investigator may go out to collect it (yes, in the trash if necessary)
  • Locating missing persons – law enforcement does not always have the time or resources required to find a missing person. Some people who disappear don’t want to be found and may try their best to cover their tracks, but that doesn’t stop a private investigator who is good at their job.
  • Giving testimony in court – both parties in a court case may hire private investigators to compile more evidence or provide supporting testimony for something they have uncovered

Private investigators are not government officials but licensed citizens who provide a service to those who hire them. Due to their ability to be used in court settings, it is imperative that they follow all federal, state, and local laws when working on a case.

Top Five Reasons a PI is Hired in California

Hiring a private investigator can help reduce stress, especially if dealing with the criminal justice system. It can also bring peace of mind if you suspect a spouse of cheating. Whatever the reason for hiring one, there are five reasons that people in LA hired private investigators.

  1. Surveillance

There are different scenarios when surveillance can be used. From watching a cheating spouse to confirm a client’s suspicion to proving a fraudulent worker’s compensation insurance claim, private investigators do it all. Even with some of the best and advanced technology in the industry, some find it a lot easier to get their hands dirty with undercover work to get the answers they seek.

  1. Background Checks

An important part of due diligence for a company looking to hire or a property looking to rent is a background check. Some people will even have background checks done on someone that they are interested in dating. The type of background check that a private investigator does is more in-depth than the one you purchase on the internet. While both are made from public information, an investigator is going to be able to dig deeper and find alternative information that may have been buried deep.

  1. Child Custody

Child custody cases are seen just about every weekday in the legal system. One parent is taking another to court trying to gain full custody from the other or divorces that create bitter circumstances where the two parties can’t reach a mutual agreement. In the matter of children, it is often one party against the other in front of the judge. One or both parties may call upon the expertise of a private investigator to help them find evidence to support their side of the case.

  1. Missing Persons

Law enforcement agencies may not have the time or resources available to follow every lead in a missing persons’ investigation. Clients hire private investigators to follow every lead and find their loved ones. There may even be situations where these professionals uncover people who disappeared and didn’t want to be found, trying to cover their tracks. It can be hard to hide from a determined private investigator.

  1. Criminal Investigations/Post Conviction

When a person is involved in a criminal investigation, even if they are innocent, it can seem like the case is stacked in favor of the state. Defense attorneys and their clients may hire a private investigator to help them uncover the evidence needed to help build the defense’s case. The same applies after a case has been completed. If the defense loses, they may hire an investigator for the appeals process to find evidence they needed the first trial.

Why Licensing Matters in Child Custody Cases

For evidence in a child custody case to be admissible in court, it must be obtained legally. Licensed private investigators may go above and beyond for the clients they work for, but what they do is done legally. Using evidence that is obtained illegally by an unlicensed investigator may not only be thrown out of the hearing, but it may also be harmful to that party’s case.

What Industries Use Private Investigation

Los Angeles citizens are not the only ones who call upon the help of private investigators; there are industries that call on their help as well. You may not even realize that private investigators are in high demand in some of these industries, so much that they are even on retainer for many companies.

  • Undercover Investigations
  • Computer forensics
  • Crisis intervention
  • Personal protection
  • Civil investigations
  • Criminal investigations
  • Supplier, vendor, and employment screenings
  • Polygraphs
  • Retail loss and prevention
  • Missing persons
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Personal investigative matters

Just because these industries may need a private investigator’s help doesn’t mean that is the only industry they work in. Many private investigators will specialize in one or more investigation career specialties.

Private Investigation Specialties

The United States Association of Professional Investigators recognizes various specialties that a licensed investigator may choose to localize their practice in. A Los Angeles private investigator may choose one or more of the following to specialize in:

  • Criminology and Behavioral Science
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Civil Investigation
  • Terrorism and Intelligence
  • Investigative Business Administration
  • Investigative Law and Ethics
  • Specialty Victims
  • Insurance Investigation
  • Security
  • Computer and Internet Forensics

There is one major cinematic specialty that does exist. Some private investigators only do skip tracing services to help bail bondsmen and bounty hunters find people who are wanted. There is not any rule that says an investigator has to specialize in more than one area. Still, most of them do practice multiple specialties along the same scope.

Requirements for Private Investigator Licensing

Most of the requirements for private investigator licensing will vary from state-to-state, with some glaring similarities. Some of the general requirements for obtaining a private investigator license are:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Industry experience or a college education
  • Must be a legal United States citizen or resident
  • Clean background with no felony convictions or convictions that involve crimes of moral turpitude
  • Be at least the state’s minimum age (ranges from 18-25)

When applying for a California license, the applicants are required to send in their application, two recent photos (of passport-quality), and the application fee. Some states also have reciprocity agreements in place. A reciprocity agreement means that if the private investigator is licensed in a specific state that is recognized by the state they are traveling to, they are able to conduct their work legally. States with reciprocity agreements are California, Virginia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Louisiana, North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia.

Reciprocity agreements make it easier for private investigators to cross state lines to conduct their investigations, especially if it requires them to travel. If there is no reciprocity agreement in place to work in the state, the private investigator would have to be licensed there, too.

Hire Kay & Associates for Your PI Work

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  • Small business and corporate
  • Infidelity
  • Surveillance
  • Asset location
  • Background searches
  • Financial fraud
  • Child support and custody
  • Construction
  • Digital forensics
  • Accident investigation
  • Asset protection
  • Criminal defense and post-conviction investigation
  • Missing persons

Don’t let yourself get stressed out by working through case problems on your own. Kay & Associates are trained and experienced, licensed private investigators in Los Angeles who can make any case stress free. With honesty, professionalism, and discreet services, reach out to contact the agency by phone, email, or online form. Hire a private investigator in Los Angeles – make it Kay & Associates.