Computer Investigations Los Angeles

Still considered a newer specialty within the private investigation industry, computer investigations and forensics is a discipline that is constantly changing with new laws and regulations. Many of the investigation professionals who take up this specialty begin with a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in computer science with coursework specific to computer forensics.

Computer forensics consists of working with two different types of data – persistent and volatile. Persistent data is the data that is stored on a hard drive and is preserved. Volatile data is not stored and preserved but may reside within the registries, caches, and RAM of the computer. Investigators who specialize in this area have to use reliable methods for capturing and preserving the integrity of the data for the purpose of the investigation.


Where Private Investigators Recover Evidence From Digital Sources

An investigator may uncover digital data from the following digital resources:

  • Hard drives
  • Email servers
  • Media storage
  • Internet sites
  • Zip drives
  • Digital answering machines and voicemails
  • Databases
  • Web servers
  • Digital cameras
  • Personal digital devices

The work they do may involve such functions as examining and recovering the information, reconstructing damaged technological devices, preparing reports that compile the digitally recovered information, reconstruction of file fragments, and testifying in court on the recovery of the evidence. Anyone can request the help of a computer investigator in Los Angeles, but the key industries that call on their help are:

  • Police or other law enforcement agencies
  • Security firms
  • Government agencies
  • Defense and military agencies
  • Law firms
  • IT Companies
  • Banking and insurance companies

Computer Forensics Certifications Required in the US

computer investigation laTo achieve certification in the area of computer forensics, candidates have to pass an exam that includes 115 questions and a time limit of three hours. Assessment includes the following:

  • Operating Systems and File Systems
  • Forensic Intrusion Analysis
  • Digital Forensic Investigation Methodology
  • Analyzing Timelines
  • Metadata and Filename Layers
  • Forensic Intrusion Analysis
  • Data Layer Examination
  • Acquisition and Analyzing Volatile Data

There are no minimum requirements for the certification, but specific computer forensics courses may help with the exam.

Why You Need A Computer Forensics Investigator

Cyber crimes are a serious matter in society. Computer forensics investigators can help to track down and figure out where these attacks are coming from. These investigators can recover data and provide the evidence needed to help clear your name if you find out that someone has tarnished it online.

An investigator can help you assess the risks in your computer and help you protect your current technological structures. If you think you are already compromised, these forensic specialists can perform the vulnerability checks and help to rectify any weaknesses within the structure.

How to Know You Need a Trained Investigator

You need a trained investigator in computer forensics if:

  • Software installs on your computer that is unexpected
  • Your mouse moves by itself with intent
  • Your anti-malware software, registry editor, and task manager is disabled
  • Standard programs or files don’t work as they should
  • Files you have not used have been moved or deleted
  • Your passwords unexpectedly change without your consent
  • Money is missing from your bank account, or you begin getting calls about purchases you haven’t made

As a private investigator, even those who handle digital and computer forensics, their testimony in court can be priceless. Kay & Associates offers these services to our clients because we know that technology holds a large place in the industry.

How Kay & Associates Can Help Handle Computer Investigation

We have worked with a lot of different clients who have needed help with the data recovery services we provide. With the advancement of technology and the constant use of it in society, people are vulnerable to attack, especially when not prepared by professionals. We help those before or after an attack whenever they need us. We also use data recovery methods to help in our other investigative works.

If you need a computer forensics specialist to aid you in technological solutions, call Kay & Associates for your free 15-minute case consultation. We have been in the business of investigation since 1992, licensed in the state of California, and practicing investigative services for all of those who need help.

As a new discipline, we are proud to offer our clients digital forensics services that meet and exceed all of the expectations of data recovery services and prevention techniques.