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Los Angeles is the home to many different technology companies, whether you are on Silicon Beach, Hollywood Boulevard, or anywhere else for that matter. Technology reigns just as supreme as the stars on the big screen. Technology can leave these stars vulnerable, but it doesn’t just affect them. Regular civilians are vulnerable to attack online. In addition to protection from online dangers, the use of computer investigations can help uncover information and evidence that may not have been available without specially trained professionals.

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Computer Forensics and Digital Data Recovery Services

Computer forensics consists of two different types of data. These data types are persistent and volatile. Persistent data is the data stored on a hard drive and is preserved. Volatile data is not stored but might be found in a preserved form within the registries, caches, and RAM.

Investigators who specialize in this type of data have the ability to recover and preserve the integrity of this data for use in investigations and even as evidence in court. The sources that an investigator may use to uncover data are:

  • Hard drives
  • Media storage
  • Zip drives
  • Databases
  • Digital cameras
  • Email servers
  • Internet sites
  • Digital answering machines or voicemail
  • Web servers
  • Personal digital devices

These professionals may work performing functions such as examining and uncovering information that, once recovered, can be used in court cases as evidence. Investigators prepare reports that compile the digitally recovered information, the reconstructed file fragments, and even the reconstructed damaged technological devices. Various agencies call upon computer forensic investigators to help in their industries; these include:

  • Police
  • Other types of law enforcement
  • Government agencies
  • Private investigation firms that do not specialize in computer forensics
  • Law firms
  • Defense and military agencies
  • IT companies
  • Banking industries
  • Insurance companies

Required Certification in the US for Digital Private Investigators

la computersCertification in the area of computer forensics is required to specialize in it. The exam consists of 115 questions and must be completed within three hours. The assessment includes the following topics for testing:

  • Operating systems and file systems
  • Digital Forensic investigation Methodology
  • Metadata and Filename Layers
  • Data Layer Examination
  • Forensic Intrusion Analysis
  • Analyzing timelines
  • Acquisition and Analyzing Volatile Data

Although there are no pre-requisite requirements to take the examination, it is recommended that candidates have completed computer forensics courses. These courses may help with passing the examination and gaining the required certification.

How Do You Know You Need An LA Computer Forensics Investigator

Technology is vulnerable, and the people who use it are even more vulnerable. People who have no technological backgrounds can be helpless when it comes to cyber crimes or preserving evidence that may become important later on.

You may need a private investigator if:

  • Money is missing from your bank account, or you begin getting calls about purchases you haven’t made
  • Files you have not used have been moved or deleted
  • Your antimalware software, registry editor, and task manager is disabled
  • Software installs on your computer that is unexpected
  • Your mouse moves by itself with intent
  • Standard programs or files don’t work as they should
  • Your passwords unexpectedly change without your consent

Private investigators, even those who specialize in digital and computer forensics, provide expert testimony in court, and the information they provide can be priceless to cases.

Kay & Associates for Digital Forensics Investigations

Kay & Associates understands that digital forensics is a newer specialty within the private investigation industry. We have worked with a lot of different clients that need data recovery to support their investigations and cases. We have even testified in court for clients as experts in the field. We offer only the best for our clients, as we have been licensed since 1992 in the PI industry.

If you need a computer forensics specialist to aid you in technological solutions, Kay & Associates wants to offer you a free 15-minute case consultation over the phone. We can also be reached through email and our online contact form. When you find yourself in need of a computer and digital forensics investigator, we hope that you will allow our investigation experts to help with your data recovery and evidence preservation.