Best Private Investigator LA

A good private investigator can be a dime a dozen. There are times in our lives when we may need the help of a private investigator. It may not be a frequent occurrence, but we call upon their expertise in some of our greatest hours of need. From catching a cheating spouse to uncovering evidence in a judicial case, you can rely on your instincts and a private investigator to uncover the truth.

What Makes The Best LA Private Investigators?

Even when looking into private investigators, it is possible to come across some who are not quite what they seem. The best private investigators in Los Angeles not only meet your needs for investigations, but they also meet the legal requirements for the job. Each state has different requirements for a PI and their detective agency, but overall they touch on the same basic criteria.

Even though it is not always a requirement at the state level, it may be a requirement at the local or agency level that employees of an agency possess at least a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or a similar type of program. Most of the individuals who enter the private sector of investigations have a background in this educational training or have knowledge from prior law enforcement experience.

Not only will the best private investigators in Los Angeles have an education, but they will also obtain the state licensing that is required. The minimum requirements for state licensing often include:

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Meeting the state’s minimum age requirement (ranges from 18 to 25)
  • A record that is clean of felony convictions or convictions that involve crimes of moral turpitude
  • Educational experience or industry experience equivalent
  • United States citizenship or legal residency

Some states may require passing a state jurisprudence examination before getting their licensure. Other states may require those who gain licensing to undergo continuing education during each renewal period. Standard licensure also requires that the investigator provide the licensing board or agency with a full set of fingerprints.

Private investigators are required to carry a surety bond in order to practice. The amount of the bond varies according to the laws of the state that the investigator practices in. Some of these investigators will hold multiple licenses in multiple states.

What Services are Offered by Investigators?

private investigation los angeles caPrivate investigation includes a lot more specialties than you may think exist. The United States Association of Professional Investigators recognizes a number of specialty areas for private investigation professionals. While some private investigators choose to specialize in one career, others may choose to branch out and offer multiple specialties.

In addition to traditional security and surveillance, other specialties include:

  • Civil investigation
  • Criminal investigation
  • Investigative business administration
  • Terrorism and intelligence
  • Criminology and behavioral sciences
  • Investigative law and ethics
  • Computer forensics
  • Insurance fraud and investigations

Private investigators often work alongside law enforcement professionals or as skip tracers for bounty hunters and bail bond agents. Some may only look for missing persons or uncovering fraud. No matter what the specialty is, you should find the right private investigator to fit your needs in LA.

What are The Most Common Reasons For Investigations in the US?

You likely have a preconceived notion about what it will be like working with a private investigator. You have cinematic theatrics to thank for that. Even though some of the private investigators you come across may fit this role, not all of them are as dramatic “as seen on TV.”

Many private investigators may go undercover, just like police officers do. When they need to seek out information, they are likely to do what they can to get it, even if they have to dress as a waiter and snap photos of a cheating spouse in a dimly lit restaurant. They aren’t afraid to do what it takes to help you uncover the truth.

You may not know this, but online dating has been quite the money maker for private investigators. Even though they might not be filming a television show about someone being “catfished,” they do know how to lure one out of the dark recesses of the internet dating pool. You could think of it as doing a background check on someone before getting involved with them face-to-face (or at least making sure the face matches the profile picture).

Some of the people who call upon the help of private investigators may not be forthcoming with information, which can hinder the entire case. If you plan on hiring one of these super sleuths, you should be prepared to drag your own skeletons out of the closet if they exist. While it is not necessarily common, it is better to be upfront when hiring an individual to do your investigations.

How Are Investigations Conducted?

The steps taken in an investigation often depend on the type of investigation being conducted. Some types of investigations will involve heavy surveillance of buildings or persons. In these roles, a private investigator may get as much information about what you are seeking from them and go from there.

Investigations may include a lot of photos, digital paperwork, or actual paperwork, depending on what is uncovered. In most circumstances, your case will be a file that the investigator compiles all the evidence into. If it is all digital, it may be reduced down to a flash drive for concealment.

The largest part of a good private investigator’s job is acquiring evidence for your case. In legal circumstances, they will look for evidence that can substantiate the truth you are trying to prove. Many will even handle accident reconstructions and witness statements for car accident cases that are tricky.

Know that when you trust a private investigator to handle cases for you, they are doing so with your best interest in mind. The point of investigations is to find the ultimate truth in any situation, whether handling a cheating spouse or corporate espionage.

Why You Need Private Investigations

Private investigations can reach areas that normal investigations may not be able to. There are some circumstances where a private investigator has more reach than the investigators assigned to the case. They also have the time available to dive into individual cases, which legal professionals or law enforcement may not have.

In Los Angeles, new cases are taken by private investigation professionals every day. These professionals then devote the time needed to uncover the truths that their clients seek. With the proper training in surveillance techniques and questioning procedures, professional investigators not only know how to handle cases, but they also do it ethically.

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