It’s such a common story: A young pretty girl comes to LA hoping to become a model or an actress, or simply to have a good time in the LA nightlife scene. She then runs into the wrong person who claims to have a great connection to get her into movies or television, or she runs low on money and buys drugs from someone who preys on pretty girls looking for a cheap, good time. 

“They go to LA seeking fame and fortune only to find themselves a victim of seasoned predators.”

It is so unfortunate at how these situations have so much in common, are so easily avoidable, yet happen every day here in Los Angeles. With so many transients, it’s not like a neighborhood where people know you…like any cosmopolitan city in the world, really. Also, the desire “to make it” creates desperation and there are plenty of predators who hang out and simply look for their next victim. In the old days, girls would take a bus to LA and predators who wanted to take advantage of women would wait around those areas. Now, it’s easy to connect with girls and get them to visit LA via social media. 

But girls get caught up in so many ways. Some of the most common ways are:

  • Meeting a guy in a club that “has an in with a big agency”
  • Getting drugs from someone she just met at a party 
  • Meeting up with someone she met on Instagram who has the party hookups in LA
  • Auditioning for a project that is unpaid simply to “get seen” only to meet a director that is inviting her to dinner or over to his home/apartment to talk about the role
  • Running out of money and not booking auditions, leading to depression, drugs, and bad decisions
  • Coming out to LA for a modeling gig and staying in town with a new friend while trying to book more auditions or get a good agent
  • Crooked agents leading desperate girls into bad situations or “industry parties” that scout girls for escort services
  • Getting involved with seedy nightlife promoters that lead to drugs and prostitution
  • Dating sugar daddies that support their lifestyle and eventually lead to escorting

These are just a few of the most common situations I have seen. There are surely a million different details that make each case unique to that person, but the majority of girls that find themselves drug addicted, depressed, and escorting because they feel like they have no other choice. A lot of these girls do not even realize that they are escorting because it’s not done in the traditional way; many times, the person working as the pimp is drugging the girl and the girl does not even know or remember what is happening. Other times, the pimp is posing as a friend as “setting up the girl on dates with guys who are rich or connected in the film/modeling industry” but the dates are paid dates, unbeknownst to the girl.

    Parents and Families Hire A Private Investigator to Locate and Get Their Daughter Home Safely

    By the time parents or grandparents call us, they have already run into many obstacles preventing them from being able to locate their daughter or to reason with her. Even if the family is able to get their daughter on the phone, that doesn’t mean the daughter is in the right state of mind to reason with or communicate reasonably. The drugs may be altering the girls state of emotions, the events in her life may affect her ability to think straight, a pimp may be controlling her phone usage and communication… It is our job at that point to locate the girl and go speak with her. When we successfully locate the girl, we begin to assess the situation. During the assessment we may choose to connect with girl with her parents or take her to a safe location to talk and open up real communication. Where we go from here really depends on the details of the situation or what we observe. 

    If a girl needs to get to a detox facility, we can make that happen (as long as the girl is willing). If the girl needs a place to rest and get showered, we book her into a hotel. If an emergency IV is required, we call the professionals to get to a good, safe location and administer the IV. Whatever is being done, we remain in close communication with the family, helping the girl get the help she needs. There is not much we have not done in regard to the needs of these cases; there was even a case where we found a missing girl and took care of her cat while she was in a temporary rehab facility before flying back home to her family. 

    As a female private detective, I have experienced many things in my personal life that make me very good at what I do in my professional life. Families of missing girls often request a female detective on the case for a plethora of reasons. Although there have been a few of these cases that turn out less than optimal due to a girl’s mental health or obstinance, the vast majority of these cases are a happy end…or better yet, happy new beginning for these girls and their families. What makes my job worth it is seeing these girls move on with their lives and leave the LA underbelly for a bright future. I’ve seen girls from these cases return to university for undergrad, open a small business, and even completely recover from severe addiction. 

    If you have a daughter who went to LA in search of fame, fortune, or a lucrative career in the entertainment industry, but got caught up with seedy characters, we can help. I help on these cases weekly, sometimes daily. There are wonderful people in LA, there are awful people in LA. There are great opportunities in LA, there are many deceiving people who entice girls with fake opportunities. Whatever the details of your situation are, we can help. Call us and ask for a female investigator and let us help get your daughter back home, safely. Yes, we even fly back on the airplane with them when needed.

    If you you need help, contact us at Kay and Associates Investigations where we can help you protect your family.

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