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#1 Private Investigators in LA and What Makes K&A the Best Investigations Firm

What do you need to do in order to catch someone cheating on you?

How does is work when an PI is doing a surveillance a client?

Many people who hire us have never hired a private investigator before and don’t know the ‘protocol’ and have lots of questions. That’s why we created a blog where we discuss everything from asset protection practices to surveillance expectations. We talk about how we work in child custody cases, how we work with law teams, when to consider asset protection, why background checks are so important to families who hire nannies or in-home help, how to read signs of infidelity, ways we have solved cases in the past that may be similar to yours, and more tips and insight to good investigative practices.

If you have any questions for us, feel free to give us a call. In the meantime, read through some of our blogs to get a better idea of how we work and what we recommend to our clients who need our services.


Inside tip of the day


If you have a family and drive a vehicle that you put stickers on such as “Proud Parent” of a child at a certain school, you are making your family an easy target. Never give out personal information by posting it on your vehicle.

Having every family member and the family dog represented by stick figures is cute, but it’s telling everyone how many kids there are and that you have a dog. This gives bad people information they could use in cases such as robbing your home, or preying on your children. So remember, NO BUMPER STICKERS SAYING WHERE YOUR HONOR STUDENT ATTENDS SCHOOL OR PLAYS SPORTS.


Latest Blogs

Phone Security in 2019: Avoiding The Obvious And Not-So-Obvious Privacy Pitfalls of Phones and Apps


Every day, 3 million people have their private information compromised. This year alone, the world has experiences 5 major data breaches, from Target to Citibank. Keeping the information on your personal devices private is a constant effort. To help you in these efforts, here are some tips and advice:


Halloween Safety Tips for Keeping Your Kids and Home Safe on the Fall Holiday


Every year October rolls around and parents try to juggle everything from costumes to house decorations and can easily get distracted from awareness of putting safety first. As a private investigator, I get asked by parents all the time what kind of advice I have for making sure their safety checklist is complete.


Business Owners: Beware of New Hires


Business owners have a million things to worry about on a daily basis. They need to make sure their staff show up on time and are being productive; they need to make sure accounting is accountable and they have to manage the entire health of their company. Once you hire an employee, it can be very difficult and expensive to fire them. This is not taking into account the time and money you have invested in their training. Making sure you don’t hire the wrong person is just as important as making sure you don’t overlook the right potential employee.


Safe Dating for the Tinder Lovers And Dating App Members: Tips to Keep Yourself Safe While Trying to Find Love Online in 2019


Modern technologies have developed many ways to make dating, looking for love, or just hooking up, a much simpler and faster process. You can now browse for a temporary or permanent partner in the comfort of your home without even shaving your legs. The downfall? Predators and con men, both male and female, know how to seek people on those sites too but they have a whole different idea of who they are looking for and they don’t play by the rules.


Finding The Facts About Your Inheritance


Do you think money that belongs to you was given to someone else? Was there a hidden will you know about or was there a will unlawfully discarded? Was something promised to you in a will that you didn’t receive? We help people in these sorts of cases all the time. Here’s a Q&A that hopefully gets you started on your way towards finding how to get what belongs to you.


How To Find And Hire The Best Private Investigator

When people find out what I do for a living they inevitably ask me right away, “So what famous people have you worked for?” I can’t tell you that. They also ask me, “How do I know if a private investigator is good or not?” I can answer that! I hear horror stories from...

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Paying For Justice

Then Attorney General, now United States Senator, Kamala Harris, with the full forces and resources of the California Attorney General’s Office headed up the investigation and prosecution against Mark Feigin.“The prosecutor, who is supposed to carry the burden of...

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Defending Against Construction Fraud

"The typical organization loses 5% of its annual revenues to occupational fraud, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Report to the Nation on Occupational Fraud and Abuse."Construction fraud has issues ranging from physical asset theft to...

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