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#1 Private Investigators in LA and What Makes K&A the Best Investigations Firm

What do you need to do in order to catch someone cheating on you?

How does is work when an PI is doing a surveillance a client?

Many people who hire us have never hired a private investigator before and don’t know the ‘protocol’ and have lots of questions. That’s why we created a blog where we discuss everything from asset protection practices to surveillance expectations. We talk about how we work in child custody cases, how we work with law teams, when to consider asset protection, why background checks are so important to families who hire nannies or in-home help, how to read signs of infidelity, ways we have solved cases in the past that may be similar to yours, and more tips and insight to good investigative practices.

If you have any questions for us, feel free to give us a call. In the meantime, read through some of our blogs to get a better idea of how we work and what we recommend to our clients who need our services.


Inside tip of the day


If you have a family and drive a vehicle that you put stickers on such as “Proud Parent” of a child at a certain school, you are making your family an easy target. Never give out personal information by posting it on your vehicle.

Having every family member and the family dog represented by stick figures is cute, but it’s telling everyone how many kids there are and that you have a dog. This gives bad people information they could use in cases such as robbing your home, or preying on your children. So remember, NO BUMPER STICKERS SAYING WHERE YOUR HONOR STUDENT ATTENDS SCHOOL OR PLAYS SPORTS.


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